posted 11-05-2009

updated 11-13.09 - see news here

3D Television

Hello everyone,

Less than a week after our 9th year in business we must call it quits and give in to the state of the economy with no other choice.

It is with the saddest of hearts that I must tell you that the 3DComnmune will be closing its doors today.

This is the worst news I've ever had to tell anyone and it's near impossible to do without tears and a shattered heart.

.........I am truly sorry......I wish I could prevent this from happening and I have tried to as hard as I possibly could to keep it open.

3DC has completely drained me personally and financially to the point of no return.

The server is being shut off because I can no longer afford it, meaning all information will be gone from the net, all of the site everything.

Nothing will be left but a memory very shortly.

The server will still exist with all the content on it up the second it was shut off.

If anyone is interested in buying it as it paying the past due fees on it and taking it over let me know. I would gladly sell it.



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As one very wise person said to me, "this will be a new chapter in your life and it was meant to happen". Hard to accept but I know it to be true.

I'm sure I'll go down in history now as a lying, thief who stole from everyone and gave up. .... .sigh, I certainly hope that is not the case and that people do remember me as a stand up guy who did all he could to help people achieve a little higher level or a bit of fun and happiness in their lives.

I wish you all the best in everything you do and pray that you find you way in this crazy mixed up world we're living in right now.

I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me - or whatever,... I did the best I could, I made some bad business decisions and tried to fight the machine and lost.

Goodbye and Good Luck to all,


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What's Next for me?

I won't give up hope and I hope none of you do either.. 2012 is just around the corner and I think maybe I see a tiny spec of light.. :)

Meditate often my friends... watch for 11:11 and remember we're all one


My last semi-official 3DC words to you all are:

Enjoy life, your art, family, the universe, your beliefs and expand yourself....

Go read, see, feel and express yourself and Always Question everything....


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UPDATED NEWS Posted 11-13-09

For Sale Page Posted - Click here for the Sale Page - Includes: Alexa 2 and all her assets, Anamora and Vini. - domain name, hardware/server, databases and all content as it was right up to when it was shut off - domain name, PHP BB databases, information, forums, galleries, etc...

UTRV Development Model - concept, models, and all content

3DCommune Donated Items from 3rd party vendors -
Matilda train set
Woody Characters for Bryce
Woody Dog
South Bark Gang


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